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 Lord Of War

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PostSubject: Lord Of War   Mon 18 May 2009, 7:32 pm

What is Lord of War?

The “Lord of War” system is catered towards characters ranging from Level 150 – 170. The timing will be the same as a normal Nation War.

Duration: Lobby waiting time before war - 10 mins
War time - 50 mins
Lobby after the war – 30 mins
Requirement: Level 150 – 170 ( with selected Nation)
The requirements to gain a title are as follows:

  • Participation in the Nation War for more than 8 times for per week;
  • and Mission War Scores (MWS).

MWS are determined by the player’s personal score and total number of
kills during the Nation War per week. Each week, each player’s top 7
MWS will be calculated to check if the player is eligible for the “Lord of War” title.

Your total MWS will be reflected here. (The “Aura code” will be removed to be replaced by the MWS portion.)
If your participation in the Nation War is less than 7 times, your score will be reflected in Grey.
If your participation exceeds 7 times, your score will be reflected in Yellow.
There are 2 titles players can obtain: the “Bringer” or “Guardian”. However, these titles are not easily achievable and there is much competition!

As eligibility of the “Guardian
title is determined by MWS, only high-ranking players may stand a
chance to obtain the title. The top 10 characters from each class per
world with the highest MWS can earn the title of “Guardian”.

The title of “Bringer” is even more exclusive, with only 1 character out of 10 “Guardians” being eligible for the title. The Guardian with the MWS from each class per world can earn the “Bringer” title. (A character may only obtain either the “Bringer” or “Guardian” title, but not both).

** Player will not be selected for the “Bringer/Guardian” title if his participation in the Nation War is less than 7 times.
Capella Procyon
Bringer Guardian Bringer Guardian
Luminosity Bringer Luminosity Guardian Storm Bringer Storm Guardian

Bringer Guardian
Benefits Unit Benefits Unit
HP UP 500 HP UP 500
Resist Critical Rate UP 20% Resist Unmovable UP 60%
Resist Critical Damage UP 60% Resist Down UP 60%
Sword Skill AMPUP 10% Resist Knock Back UP 60%
Magic Skill AMP UP 10% Resist Stun 60%
Critical Rate UP 5% -
Advantage of bearing the title "Bringer":

  • Your character will have a unique “glow” around him
  • You are able to broadcast messages to the same nation players. The message will be shown in middle of the players’ screens. (Broadcasting
    is done by entering “/L” the shout function in the chat box. It will
    not work for the normal “click ‘shout’” function)

  • Messages can be broadcasted to all normal channels while in normal channels. (excluding Nation War channels)
  • Messages can be broadcasted to the same Nation in Nation War Channels
Bearers of the “Bringer” or ”Guardian
title will have their titles, character & Guild names be shown to
the other Nation during Nation War Battle unless the bearers opt to
release their titles.
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Lord Of War
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