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 [30/3 UPDATED] Lost World

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PostSubject: [30/3 UPDATED] Lost World   Mon 18 May 2009, 10:48 pm

Forbidden Island

Background Story

Found by lost travellers, Forbidden Island is a long-forgotten area
rumoured to be controlled by evil forces.

are whispers that the spirits of bloodthirsty pirates and mutated
monsters roam around the island and ambush unwary travellers. However,
despite these dangers, there are many treasures on Forbidden Island as

It has been discovered that a
mineral on the island that works as a guide to the Forbidden Island.
After some research, Mr. Heill from the Sage Tower was able to
duplicate the mineral and create the Lost World compass, which has been scattered across Nevareth.


Island is a 60-minute dungeon that can only be entered through a warp
portal, located in Port Lux. The coordinates for its location on the
map is [X, Y: 236, 7].

There are no records on the origins of Forbidden Island’s monsters, but
they are incredibly strong and deadly. It is said that some of these
monsters appear human-like and were even humans before they were seized
by evil spirits and mutated into the creatures today.

The monsters on Forbidden Island are unlike the monsters found elsewhere in
Apart from having increased Monster Intelligence, they have improved
battle skills like Knock Back and Stun skill. They have also been known
to confuse unwary adventurers with various attack patterns.

That’s not all. These monsters can even debuff their attackers and
summon fellow monsters to their aid when they are in danger. It is
highly recommended that adventurers venture into Forbidden Island in

Tales have travelled about the 2 monster bosses, Queen Calamity and Captain
on Forbidden Island and the treasures they possess. If you wish to hunt
down Queen Calamity, chat with NPC “Arsiow”. If you prefer to do battle
with Captain Trugust, chat with NPC “Areptify”.


  • Entry Item: Compass to the Lost world
  • Level 125 or above & Battle Style Level 13 or above
  • The following table states the drop area for the compass:
Drop Area
Lake Side
Mutant Forest
Pontus Ferrum

*The following add-ons credits to Derae*

Suggestions for Equipment before entering: All are strongly suggested to use their Vamp set instead of their PVP set.

Notes: For 1v1 bosses, use BM2 (for all classes)
For bosses that spawn together with mobs, use BM1.
Always remember to extend your BM with Aura when it is about to finish and the boss still has a long way to go.

Upon Entry,

1) First boss, Kias Rodon
- KnockBack
- Use BM2 With Vamp Set

2) In order to proceed, kill the two mini bosses, Giant Lizard Fish and Cruel Bugdolphy
- No need BM.

3) Kias Rodon again
- KnockBack
- Use BM2 With Vamp Set

4) Proceed, clear some of the mobs, and the mini boss will spawn.
- No need BM.

5) Proceed to kill the Giant Lizardfish and Muchaa.
- No need BM.

6) Talk to Archen,
- When the whole party is in, click on the campfire.
- Finish off Syarsor, then click on the campfire again.
- BM2 with Vamp Set

7) Find a mini boss named Riott.
- BM1 with Vamp Set (Alot of side mobs)

Cool Talk to the Npc at the ground floor: Areptify, after killing Riott.

9) Then proceed to the end of the path to kill another mini boss, Arcshielder.
- BM1 with Vamp Set (Alot of side mobs)

10) Move up the steps near Areptify to kill Syarsor after killing Arcshielder.
- When Syarsor summons Fire Elemental, please kill it first before continuing hitting Syarsor.
- Syarsor will summon it's first Fire Elemental when it's HP first reaches 50%.
- Use BM2 with Vamp Set.

11) Move down the steps to talk to Areptify.

12) Move up the steps again to talk to Archen.
- All the ghost will spawn after the conversation.
- Please make sure everyone has 5 bars of SP at this time.

13) Proceed to the ship and kill the Morsus that is blocking the way to board the ship.
- Stand at where is circled in the picture. Standing at this spot will prevent other mobs from hitting you.

Therefore only the Morsus will be hitting you.
- After killing Morsus, everyone must dash aboard the ship because once
Morsus spawns again, it will again block the entrance,
and you will have to kill it again. The time limit is about 3 seconds.
- Please take note that Wizards and FBs are to be prepared to use their Stun Lock Combo on the mobs abroad the ship once
Morsus dies. This is very important. Or else the whole party will just die and get sent back to the entrance.

- Use BM1 with Vamp set when hitting Morsus. Once Morsus dies, board the ship and open Aura.

14) Clear the mobs in the middle to spawn the mini boss Conna.
- Morsus will keep re-spawning as soon as it dies no matter how many times you kill it, so no point wasting time.

15) When Conna die, Captain Trugust will appear 3 times -
1) in the middle,
2) right side (Lure it down to the deck)
3) and finally at the left side.
- The last form of Captain Trugust debuffs you. There is a debuff that -200hp every few seconds. Please take care.
- Always use BM2 with Vamp set with fighting Captain Trugust. Extend with Aura when your BM is finishing.

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[30/3 UPDATED] Lost World
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